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We specialize in highly efficient homes with a focus on quality and delivering the best possible home.

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Design . Details . Craftsmanship

All of our homes include:

- Home Design

- Construction Documents
- Cost estimating
- Site work

- Utility connections

- Permit acquisition

- On site quality control

- Professional cleaning

Kye & Kim Ford

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Kim's phone 518-572-1777     Email: klmdevelopment@aol.com

Mailing Address: 69 Fort Brown Dr. #2 Plattsburgh, NY 12903


- Energy Star Certified

- Registered with City of Plattsburgh & 

  Town of Plattsburgh Building Depts.

- 32 years of combined experience

- 34 Homes built

- 34 Apartment units

- 30 renovations/additions

- References available