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New Construction Home in the City of Plattsburgh

We specialize in highly efficient homes with a focus on quality and delivering the best possible home.

If you are looking for an apartment in the Plattsburgh area, please visit our Apartments page.

Please contact us to discuss your new home or to view current home construction:

Kim's phone 518-572-1777     Email: klmdevelopment@aol.com

Mailing Address: 69 Fort Brown Dr. #2 Plattsburgh, NY 12903

Design . Details . Craftsmanship

All of our homes include:

- Home Design

- Construction Documents
- Cost estimating
- Site work

- Utility connections

- Permit acquisition

- on site quality control

- Professionally cleaning


- Energy Star Certified

- Registered with City of Plattsburgh & 

  Town of Plattsburgh Building Depts.

- 30 years of combined experience

- 33 Homes built

- 31 Apartment units

- 30 renovations/additions

- References available